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Advantages Of Underfloor Heating

Energy efficient & Low Running Costs

Underfloor heating gives the user control, provides rapid heat- up and high efficiency heating. It requires significantly less energy and enables temperature control as needed so no energy is wasted.


Tailored Temperature Control

Zoned heating control allows you to choose the temperature you want, in areas you want and at the perfect time to suit your schedule.


Contrary to radiators, there are no hot low-level surfaces or hard metal edges for children to either burn or injure themselves on. Underfloor heating systems are child friendly.  

Low Maintenance

Once the electric underfloor heating system has been fitted, it does not require any maintenance, you fit and forget.  

More Hygienic

With radiators, the floor is constantly exposed to moisture because the air that was heated by the radiator has absorbed moisture from the air in the room, and, when it cools down, brings that moisture down to the floor. This is why you get more dust mites on the floor with radiators. Underfloor heating prevents this from happening. 

Reduced Dust Circulation

With radiators, the heat coming from the radiator goes upwards towards the ceiling, the heated air continues to move around the room until the radiator is turned off, taking dust particles in the room with it. Underfloor heating reduces dust circulation significantly.  

Comfort & Warm Floors

Warmth radiates from floor level, where the heat gently rises upwards, heating the room evenly.


Design Freedom

The system is invisible and depending on the heat loss of your room, frees up wall space as bulky radiators are not needed. This gives you more space to be used and enjoyed.

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